DSTRKT (District)

DSTRKT (District)

Address: 9 Rupert Street, Piccadilly Circus, London, W1D 6DG

Time : Mon-Sat 17:00-03:00

Capacity: 350

Min age: 18

Dress code: Smart, glamorous.

Phone : +44 (0) 207 317 9120


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Dstrkt also known as District is a restaurant / lounge / club in the West End, a few minutes walk from Piccadilly Circus. The venue caters for the elites and celebrities in town. It features a state of the art sound and light system as well as an innovative stage ideal for live entertainment. Expect regular star studded parties all year long.

Drink prices at DSTRKT (District)

  • Shooters from: £6.50
  • Cocktails from: £9.50
  • Champagne bottles from: £150

Mon-Sat complimentary until 22:00, £20 after. Guestlist available. Prices and booking policy may vary.

Please contact DSTRKT (District) for VIP booking and gueslist information.
Please note:
- Do your best to arrive early.
- A proof of identification will be required.
- Whether you are on the guestlist for DSTRKT (District) or not, please remember that the management reserves the right of admission.

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23 Reviews of DSTRKT (District)

  1. Shnyar ahmad on DSTRKT (District), 3 years ago:

    Very rude member at the door, let 2 girls in infront yet refused my friends & I on the basis that it was full, even though we heard him say to the girls in front its £20 admission.

    Failed to offer any other services, I was in a position to afford a table had he bothered to suggest it. We were well dressed & there was no reason to refuse entry. It wasn’t a problem as we had an even better time at the Rose Club and were well looked after by them.

  2. Jassy Nabulya on DSTRKT (District), 3 years ago:

    My friends and i turned up to DSTRKT for our monthly outing. We were well dressed and turned up at 21:00. On the website it stated that its free entry before 22:00 so we turned up early. The lady checking the bags at the door was extremely rude which meant that the night started off bad and got worse when we had to pay £20 each for something that was clearly stated to be free- false advertising. The reason was that because they had a halloween special which again was not mentioned on their website.

    After the rude lady checked our bags she told us to put them in the clock room which we were already planing to do so. At the end of the night i found that my camera was stolen from my bag which was closed and so was my friends’ bank card and id.

    In all, the club was a huge disappointment. Definitely not worth £20, there is no actual dance floor meaning that everyone stands in the passenge way. My advise, look else where!!

  3. Scott on DSTRKT (District), 3 years ago:

    Easily one of my favourite clubs in London. Trendy, great music, and I found the staff was extremely helpful. We arrived in quite a big group (20 of us) and had no problem getting in as we were all nicely dressed and arrived early. Guys paid a cover charge of 20 pounds which is not at all surprising for a club of that stature.
    I really recommend to everyone and will go again there myself for sure.

  4. Will Jones on DSTRKT (District), 3 years ago:

    Awful place. One of the worst clubs in London in basically every single aspect. For starters the door staff are extremely rude to everyone entering the venue- not letting some in for no apparent reason with a wave of the hand, and kicking up a fuss about others for the sake of it then letting them in seconds later, presumably on a whim.

    Once inside it was clear that most of the clientele are either old males (40+) with money to spend or chavy TOWIE wannabes. The whole atmosphere is incredibly chavy and not at all geared towards having a relaxed and enjoyable night. There are plenty of other clubs in London with a hip young atmosphere and DSTRKT certainly isn’t one of them.

    The decor is uninspiring and tacky and the drinks incredinly overpriced as expected. The real kicker though is the disgusting attitude of the staff, most of which are unable to speak intelligible English and have some kind of superiority complex which belies the fact that you are the paying customer.

    Spend your money in a club that treats you with the respect you deserve and gives you the kind of night you deserve.

  5. Barry on DSTRKT (District), 3 years ago:

    Naughty sh*thole

  6. Rebecca on DSTRKT (District), 2 years ago:

    Had booked a table but then got stuck with paying another £20 to get in on top for 14 people but there was only 6 of us, girl on door had made up that figure. Very rude staff that then charged 15% on top of the bill for service, there was none! People stealing our drinks & clearly there with no money, all in all an awful night. I would not recommend this as a place to go, bad atmosphere & rude, jumped up & full of there own importance staff.

  7. paul grimshaw on DSTRKT (District), 2 years ago:

    Was out with colleagues from work so decided to go to a club. Was recomended this club. Have to say they refused 2 guys in front of us but after asking nicely if it was ok to come in the lady on the door was very helpfull. Inside the crowd was young but good atmosphere. 20 pounds to get in was not bad as we were in london ! Drinks were a little on the pricy side 48 pound for 4 jack and cokes but again a club just of picadiily thats how it works i guess. On the whole a realy nice nite out with good friends in a cool place.

  8. Ms Thang on DSTRKT (District), 2 years ago:

    Awful RUUUUUUUUDDDDDDDEEEEEEEEEE security, that lie, never again – Awful

  9. Kate on DSTRKT (District), 2 years ago:

    Went to dstrikt for my birthday booked a table for 10 people costing £850 when we were lead to the table we were shocked !! It was tiny about the size of a coffee table no where to sit down and right by the entrance and bar so were in the passage way, we did complain to the manager who was very apologetic and offered us a free bottle of vodka 5 of us had money stolen and a phone!!!! we did really enjoy the club the music was really good and was really cool in there! Although a lot of pretentious people in there!!! However I would recommend the club just be careful and don’t expect anything special

  10. K on DSTRKT (District), 2 years ago:

    WORST west end club ever visited ! Save you’re money ppl!! Booked table NYE (£700 deposit) turned up 11pm with our group were told ‘sorry no booking’ after informing the deposit were then told only half the group could come in the rest would need to buy tickets !! Then told all needed identification (something never informed of at time of booking) manager then let 8 out of 12 of the group in with no I.d anyway so there’s irony for you … Ordered 1 champagne 1 belvedere … After realising the club were not going to let the rest of the group in we decided to leave were then billed £1,300 and the £700 deposit kept !!!! Ruined our night and weren’t given a proper reason why the group could not come in but the money was kept. All in all £2.000 bill for half hour and 2 bottles. The club take you’re money for bookings on tables then don’t want to let you in personally thinks it’s a scam I’m sure if we had offered more money on the door the manager would have let us in. Perfect club if u want to get robbed if not try somewhere else with a better review think there reviews on here speak for themselves !!!!!!!!!

  11. K on DSTRKT (District), 2 years ago:

    Racist door staff and management. Make the rules up as they go along.

  12. MMM on DSTRKT (District), 2 years ago:

    Terrible club, wish i had read the reviews before going. After waiting in line before the doors open. Finally got to the beginning of the Que. Was then asked by the door girl what guest list we was on, which her reply was she apparently did not have that list down. I then called my friend who told the girl we are on his quest list, she walked of into the club saying nothing. We was they told by security to come out of the line. NO EXCUSE! NO EXPLANATION! NOTHING. Going to this in was a waste of a night would not recommend it to anyone.

  13. Jake on DSTRKT (District), 2 years ago:

    AWLFUL CLUB!! Don’t go there. Drinks are extremely expensive and mainly ice with tiny amount of alcohol. Music is very repetitive and boring. Hardly any space to move or dance. Expensive to get in and a complete rip off. Unless you want an awful night don’t go there!

  14. Adrianna on DSTRKT (District), 2 years ago:

    RACIST awful club
    I went with a other girls, we were a mix of Asian and English.
    They refused to let us in due to the color of some of my friends skin. I’ve never felt so degraded , I can’t believe in this day and age I had this problem.
    Please don’t go here and support this awful establishment.

  15. R on DSTRKT (District), 2 years ago:

    I went there last week with my other two friends. Just after 5 min standing the massive queue one of the securities PUSHED me shouting “GET IN The queue! GET in the queue” When I turned back asking why he pushing me he start shouting stating I will not be going in and so as my friends. Later I find out it was Head of Security (big bold fat guy…some people know him as Peter ) VERY RUDE! TACKY! ARROGANT guy!!! Plus other securities were rude but this Head Of Security must be punished! Extremely TACKY RUDE man! Someone must read these comments and do something about this man.
    I will not be returning to this club and would recommend people to put money somewhere else.

  16. Niki on DSTRKT (District), 2 years ago:

    Worst experience ever door staff talk a load of crapola. Having spoken to various online promoter sites I was informed that Distikt do not operate a guestlist policy which I found odd given its reputation. I got there, with my female group of 4, queued for 20 mins to find the snoby woman at the door thinking she was St Peter guarding the entry to heaven. She had the audacity to claim a guestlist was required even though the group ahead of us didn’t have a guestlist or reservation. I spoke to her as calmly as possible but her tone was anything but. And the cherry on the night was that she let in another group of 8 without a guestlist. I guess some people are born stupid.

  17. Mandy holds on DSTRKT (District), 2 years ago:

    Racist door person/thing … Skanky racist thing at the door.. Never again.. Please spend your money elsewhere. Complete waste of space door staff.. Rude.. Arrogant pigs..ruined my birthday..

  18. AM on DSTRKT (District), 2 years ago:

    DSTRKT, Fix up your act.


  19. LW on DSTRKT (District), 1 year ago:

    Guys its soooooooooo simple. 1. Book a table. 2. Buy membership. If you don’t do this you are just chancing your luck at the door of a private members club. Ranting that the place is racist is a joke. The place is over 50% foreigners! Genius, complaining that a venue is hard to get into just increases its reputation to some. lol 😉

  20. Johnson on DSTRKT (District), 1 year ago:

    I tend not to create many remarks, however after reading through a few of the responses on this page DSTRKT Club – London. Guestlist, reviews . I actually do have some questions for you if you don’t mind. Is it just me or does it look like like some of the remarks look like they are written by brain dead folks? 😛 And, if you are posting on additional places, I would like to follow you. Would you make a list of the complete urls of all your public pages like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

  21. ZYZZ on DSTRKT (District), 1 year ago:

    worst club in London save your money.. no at all exclusive like big mayfair clubs such as funky buddha where the staff actually treat you with respect. ALL THE STAFF AT DSTRKY NEED A LESSON ON CUSTOMER SERVICE- THE CUSTOMERS WHO BUY TABLES SHOULD BE TREATED WITH RESPECT AS THEY ARE SPENDING TONS OF MONEY


  22. Sarah on DSTRKT (District), 1 year ago:

    ABSOLUTE SHOCKER! On the guest list waiting to get in for 40 mins to be told you can’t come in as you have flat shoes on! Explaining flats are work due to sprained ankle and being asked for a Drs note!!! Ridiculous!!
    Out of all the staff members working on the doors managing the queues did anyone say anything. Wasting my time and their time. Nowhere does it say flat smart shoes aren’t allowed if you are a woman! Are we in the 1920’s where women only wear skirts and men are the superior? Discrimination first hand and rude staff!

    Do NOT even waste your time with this crap hole!

  23. David Duke on DSTRKT (District), 9 months ago:

    Has any one thought to take this club to court?and charge them with racism?


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